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NEW Solutions mini


Just because your shop is tight on space doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality and settle for a conveyor dryer that’s less than industrial-grade. With that in mind, we’ve taken our full-size Solutions electric conveyor dryer and reduced the footprint to 5’ long/3’ wide to create the SOLUTIONS MINI.
  • Space-saving design with a 24” wide belt, 2.5’ long heat chamber and 5’ overall length fits shops of all sizes
  • Ceramic heating elements ensure reliable and uniform distribution of heat in the chamber
  • Reversible belt direction for maximum versatility
  • Adjustable infeed and outfeed openings to accommodate substrates of different sizes, minimizing heat escape
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for ultimate durability
  • Reliable thermal insulation prevents heat leakage from the dryer chamber to the work environment and boosts efficiency
  • Adjustable belt speed to accommodate different inks and garments
  • Precise and easy to use digital temperature controls
  • Belt tracking ensures the belt is precisely aligned at all times and prevents sliding to the right or left
  • The ideal conveyor dryer for a startup shop and perfect partner for a manual press or for smaller volume automatic screen printing
new Venus LED Light Table
Anatol’s new VENUS LED light table is built tough and designed for maximum ease of use and convenience, to help you prevent potential pre-press issues from affecting your print quality.
VENUS provides a high quality LED light source for film alignment to facilitate accurate screen burning and quick and easy registration. It’s also the perfect solution for examining screens for pinholes and other issues, allowing you to spot problems before they show up on press.
  • Simple design makes film alignment quick, easy and exact
  • Energy-efficient LEDs are ultra-reliable and require no maintenance
  • Adjustable tilt allows you to set a comfortable angle for use
  • Easily mobile design with height-adjustable floor stand on heavy-duty locking casters
  • Industrial-grade steel construction
  • Compatible with Anatol’s ARME (Anatol Registration Made Easy) pre-registration system, as well as many other commonly available pre-registration systems


A high quality screen print all starts with a high quality stencil, and a great stencil depends on a uniform coat of emulsion. Anatol’s QUIK-KOTE MINI automatic emulsion coating machine takes the work and variation out of emulsion coating and allows you to coat more quickly and consistently than is possible by hand, improving your productivity and your print quality. The QUIK-KOTE MINI has all the high-end features of our full-size QUIK KOTE, but is designed to hold one screen at a time instead of two.

Heavy-Duty Construction

  • High quality pneumatic cylinders with automatic braking ensure smooth and accurate movement for consistent operation and even coating
  • Scoop coaters are lifted with servo motors for smooth, precise and reliable operation
  • Aluminum scoop coaters feature unique easy-to-clean design
  • High quality, durable steel screen locks are adjustable for a wide variety of different screen frame sizes and thicknesses to ensure a firm hold and even emulsion coating

Fast, Consistent Operation

  • Quick, even and consistent automatic coating at an accessible price point
  • Maximize your productivity by coating both sides of the screen at the same time
  • Uniform scoop coater pressure ensures a smooth, even coating of emulsion on the screen
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Efficiency has never been more important to your screen printing business, and Anatol’s new WASHOUT BOOTH is designed to reduce waste and minimize your ecological footprint. The included filtration system helps reduce the consumption of reclaiming chemicals and prevents liquid waste from entering your drainage system. A built-in backlight provides maximum visibility for reclaiming screens thoroughly.
  • The washout booth is designed for low power consumption, maximum energy efficiency and economy
  • A built-in backlight provides an excellent view of the washed screen, to help you clean screens and develop stencils more thoroughly for higher quality prints
  • The ability to connect the system to stationary ventilation ensures that all fumes as well as odors are extracted
  • The washout booth design accommodates a wide range of screen sizes
  • A closed-loop filter allows the reuse of reclaiming chemicals and prevents liquid waste from going down the drain
  • The washout booth and filtration system are mobile, not tied to a specific location, and do not require special preparation of a base for installation
  • Water level sensors prevent overflow from the filter and also turn off the pump when there is no liquid in the tank
  • Filter paper is easily replaced
  • The tank is designed for quick and easy cleaning


Heavy duty design for peak performance on a wide variety of ink containers, accepts containers from quart up to 5 gallon.

Anatol’s FORMULATOR ink mixer

is an essential piece of equipment for mixing plastisol or water-based inks, adding pigments, special effects, reducers and other modifiers, or just getting your ink mixed to a suitable consistency for printing. The updated version of our classic full-size FORMULATOR ink mixer holds containers from 1 quart up to 5 gallons and all sizes in between, while our brand-new FORMULATOR MINI accepts containers from 1 quart up to 1 gallon.

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  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Industrial-grade variable speed AC electric motor
  • Adjustable self-centering clamp locks easily to keep containers firmly in place
  • FORMULATOR includes three stainless steel mixing blades (quart, gallon, 5-gallon)
  • FORMULATOR MINI includes two stainless steel mixing blades (quart, gallon)
  • Touchscreen controls allow you to set mixing speed, direction and time, and even save and recall different programs
  • Non-touchscreen versions available, with optional analog controls
  • Easy changeover for different blade sizes
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